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WDO Is about More than Just Termites

We offer two services to help you better understand the condition of the property when it comes to damage from termites, carpenter ants, certain types of wood boring beetles, wood-destroying fungi, and more. Your specific needs and the type of financing that you are using to purchase the property will determine which type of inspection you'll need. Below you'll find a general overview of each inspection.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

John Kreiensieck is a Florida State-Licensed WDO Inspector.

The wood destroying organism inspection is designed to attempt to determine if termites or other wood destroying pests can be identified in a visual, readily accessible area within a home. During the investigation, the inspector will search for the presence of wood destroying pests or for indications of their activity.

This specific inspection is required if using VA or FHA financing but can also be used with conventional financing.

This inspection is a snapshot of the exact conditions at the time of the inspection. Each day, conditions change as the insects migrate, move around, and forage. While the inspector makes every attempt to determine the likelihood of these specific being present, there are no guarantees or absolutes.

Technicians who perform WDO inspections must be specifically trained to do so, and they must be employed by a licensed pest control company. In this case, the home inspector is employed by The Termite Depot inc.

We recommend all homes be under an active Termite Warranty by a licensed pest control company prior to closing. These services can be only performed during the home inspection. The inspector cannot recommend insect treatment plans, perform treatment or provide estimates for insect treatment or control. This service is $175 with the home inspection.

Wood Destroying Observation Inspection

John Kreiensieck is an InterNACHI-Certified WDO inspector.

The wood destroying observation inspection is designed to determine the general conditions of the home pertaining to wood rot, water damage, mold and fungi, wood decay, and damage caused by insects. This inspection is conducted by a licensed home inspector who is also certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) for performing WDO inspections.

This service can be used with conventional financing only.

The function of the wood destroying observation inspection is to determine the specific conditions, that can be visually identified and observed in readily accessible areas within the home, that have a higher risk of attracting insects that cause wood damage. We also attempt to assess whether the home has been treated and/or has installed the recommended prevention systems or treatments. If the risk is above normal, then we will advise the client to seek a licensed pest control provider to determine the proper treatment and/or prevention systems available to protect the home. We recommend all homes be under an active Termite Warranty by a licensed pest control company prior to closing.

The inspector's specific license and certifications do not permit the inspector to specifically identify the presence or types of insects pertaining to WDO. The home inspector is not a licensed pest control applicator and cannot recommend insect treatment plans, perform treatment, or provide estimates for insect treatment or control. This inspection service is $100 with the home inspection.

Regulations for the State of Florida

Florida regulates persons who apply pesticides to structures in Florida, as outlined in the Florida Structural Pest Control Law (Chapter 482).

Marline Czerniak from the Florida Department of Agriculture states in a 2013 letter to InterNACHI:

Home inspectors who perform home inspections according to the Standards of Practice do not spray pesticides and do not identify specific insects or pests.

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