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Are you looking for a full home inspection or something more specific? We have you covered with inspection services ranging from standard home inspections to 4-point inspections, wind mitigation inspections, aging-in-place home safety inspections, and more.

Gain greater peace of mind and clarity when buying a home, or ensure a smooth transaction with maximum return when selling your home.

Pre-Purchase (Buyer's) Home Inspections from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Homebuyer's Inspections

Purchasing a new home also means buying that home's problems. With a pre-purchase home inspection you can see exactly what you're buying. Problems discovered during the inspection could allow you to renegotiate to offset the costs of repairs — potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We'll even help you become familiar with the property.

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Pre-Listing (Seller's) Home Inspections from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Home Seller's Inspections

Sometimes selling your home can be just as much of a roller coaster as buying one. Getting a pre-listing home inspection can help ensure a quick and smooth transaction. You can enter the selling process with confidence that there won't be any nasty surprises. You'll also avoid delays, which could last for weeks or even months.

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Aging-in-place home safety inspection services from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Aging-in-Place Home Safety Inspections

We perform aging-in-place safety home inspections to help you or your loved ones to live out their retirement in the comfort of their own home. The inspection includes a 90+ point inspection covering the condition, safety, and security of the property. Start preparing your home for safe and comfortable living well into your golden years.

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4-Point Home Inspections from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

4-Point Home Inspections

A 4-point inspection is often required by insurance companies for homeowners insurance policies, typically for older homes. The 4-point inspection is shorter than a full home inspection and assesses the condition of four vital systems of the home: HVAC (air conditioning and heating), roof, plumbing, and electrical.

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Wind Mitigation Home Inspections from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Wind Mitigation Home Inspections

A wind mitigation inspection offers a great way to save on your insurance premiums, year after year, by identifying features of the home that protect against wind damage. With a wind mitigation inspection, you'll have the verification you need to receive discounts or rebates on your homeowners insurance.

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Wood destroying organism and wood destroying observation (WDO) inspection services from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

WDO Inspections

We offer two services for WDO inspections to meet your needs — Wood Destroying _Organism_ Inspections and Wood Destroying _Observation_ Inspections. The scope and requirements for the two services differ, but both are geared towards understanding the condition of the home in terms of the presence or risk of wood damage. Use the link below to understand what is and is not included, as well as pricing, for each type of inspection.

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Ultraviolet and fogging sanitization & disinfection services from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

UV/Fogging Sanitization & Disinfection

Prevent the spread of infection and kill mold, bacteria, and allergens with UV-C light and fogging sanitization and disinfection. We provide safe, fast, and effective sanitization services for homes, offices, schools, daycares, and more.

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What We Cover on a Standard Home Inspection:

For a more detailed list of specific items covered during a home inspection, see the Florida Association of Building Inspectors' Standards of Practice.



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