The Homebuyer's Clinic from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Homebuyer's Clinic from Boom-Gen Home Inspections

Once the home inspection is complete, Boom-Gen provides continuing service and value to the home owner! Home ownership is not only an investment financially, but also an investment of time, maintenance and upkeep in order to protect your investment and keep your home a safe place for your loved ones.

  • The Boom-Gen certified inspector, who inspected your home, will return to the client's home anytime within 90 days of purchase for a hands-on report review and consultation.
  • One-on-One Inspection Report review with the home owner and visual walk-through of the home and property
  • Each item from the inspection report which requires home maintenance, service and repair is prioritized according to the priority level and expense considerations. Boom-Gen will help you determine the best plan of action to address the areas of the home which will require attention, starting with the most important.
  • The Boom-Gen home inspector will assist you with understanding which projects, maintenance, or repairs are DIY, handyman, or service profession related.

This service is provided at no additional cost. Boom-Gen wants to help the you, the home owner, get off to a good start by providing information and education so you can make a good informed decision.

Gain peace of mind with your investment and ease the process of buying your new home. Schedule an inspection or get in touch with us at (850) 631-7238.