Professional Home Listing Photography

What better way to sell a home faster than with beautiful, professional photography. The housing market is a competitive place, with a lot on the line. Quality photography is key to driving buyers to the home — and that means more offers. Don't settle for average quality photos for your MLS listings, Zillow, or printed advertisements. Boom-Gen Home Inspection has partnered with DreHow Photography to offer real estate listing photography. Through a process called Bracketing, we take up to nine shots with different exposures, then combine them into one HDR image with full dynamic range of color and light, resulting in truly magnificent photos.

Let us improve the showing of your listings by bringing out their greatest potential.

Listing photography by DreHow Photography.

Andre Howard, professional photographer at DreHow Photography

12-Month Home Warranty

We provide even more protection for your home with a broad-coverage, one-year home warranty. To keep things simple, pricing is based on square footage and there will never be any up charges. Coverage is extensive and includes items that are typically excluded by other warranties. Check out the brochure for more details about the policy, including bonus options and coverage summaries.

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