Professional Home Listing Photography

What better way to sell a home faster than with beautiful, professional photography. The housing market is a competitive place, with a lot on the line. Quality photography is key to driving buyers to the home — and that means more offers. Don't settle for average quality photos for your MLS listings, Zillow, or printed advertisements. Boom-Gen Home Inspection has partnered with DreHow Photography to offer real estate listing photography. Through a process called Bracketing, we take up to nine shots with different exposures, then combine them into one HDR image with full dynamic range of color and light, resulting in truly magnificent photos.

Let us improve the showing of your listings by bringing out their greatest potential.

Listing photography by DreHow Photography.

Andre Howard, professional photographer at DreHow Photography
Boom-Gen Home Inspections offers continuing education coursed for real estate agents.

Continuing Education Upcoming Classes

Boom-Gen Home Inspection offers DBPR-approved continuing education classes for real estate agents. Get in touch with us to schedule classes in the comfort of your office!

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When Does the Inspection Start?

We know the inspection starts after the contract is signed... or does it?  This class explores the inspection starting with the first time the Buyer's Agent enters the home with the buyer.

Course Duration: 1 Hour

Home Inspection Standards and Practices

The ASHI Home Inspection Standards and Practices are often not understood by real estate agents and home inspectors alike, yet they define how a home should be inspected and reported. The Realtor with thorough knowledge of the Standards takes control of this area of the transaction by knowing what should or shouldn’t be inspected. This class will help take the guess-work out of the home inspection, helping more transactions follow to a successful conclusion with satisfied homebuyers.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Eliminating Common Home Inspection Write-Ups

Quick summary of the best things for the Realtor to do with the seller to prepare their home for a successful inspection with fewer, easily fixed items to be reported, making for a smoother and more successful transaction.

Course Duration: 1 Hour